Hybrid Conf: Flux and flexibility

Hybrid Conf: Flux and flexibility

Flux and flexibility presented by Dan Donald (@hereinthehive) at HybridConf 2013. Dan discussed how the web has changed and why we need to be thinking device agnostically, rather than what is current. Here's what I learned from his talk.

A long time ago...

  • The first websites contained just text and links, they still work even today on all devices.
  • We used to say which browsers our website supported, it was the visitors job to have the right tool.
  • It cost £4 per minute, visiting a website was expensive.
  • Fluid was hard work with little gain.
  • We built pixel perfect websites.

20 years later...

  • Responsive came along managing and constraining the fluidity of web pages.
  • Why define break points? They only look good on the current popular devices. Be device agnostic.
  • The web is universal, it is flexible.
  • We should not be using pixels any more (Dan uses a mixture of em for width and ex for height).
  • We should use the same navigation for all devices, not specifying it differently for mobile and desktop.
  • Mobile performance is important, many new devices browsing the web have bad hardware.
  • There is no right way, think of the end result.
  • Everything is a rabbit hole, we don't know what comes next.
Dan Donald presents flux and flexibility
Dan Donald presents flux and flexibility.