The Web is: Hiut Denim Co

The Web is: Hiut Denim Co

Hiut denim co presented by David Hieatt (@davidhieatt) at The Web Is 2014. David discussed how we should choose a project and gave examples from the growth of Hiut Denim. Here's what I learned from his talk.

Choosing a project

We should consider three things when choosing a project:

  • Interest: Am I interested in this? At some point it will be hard, will I quit?
  • Skill: What can I do? What can I teach myself? You don't have to know it now but you have to know how to know it.
  • Vision: What have I seen that others haven't? For instance, I know to get on a train first if I want a seat because I've seen the scenario before.

The crossover

The crossover is where you are most alive, only choose projects which sit in the overlap between interest, skill and vision.

Fight battles you can win

You must be the most innovative, when you try your hardest and take the most risks you feel the most alive.

Dreams should scare you

Your dreams should not be logical, they should not be sensible, they should scare you.

Can it scale?

  • Purpose makes you strong.
  • Quality is not enough - No one goes to bed dreaming of quality.
  • Apple fought for simplicity.
  • Kickstarter fights for creative projects to not be dependant on banks.

The prizes don't always go to the biggest budgets

  • The more you operate in the future the less competition you have.
  • We can move faster, we don't have to wait for decisions to be made.

Our things tell us stories, our clothes have memories so our jeans use so people can track the stories of their jeans. We have to make a business focussed on making information accessible.

  • People love to be in clubs which are hard to join, the iron man came about because marathons became achievable.
  • You get a lot of PR if you achieve a world first.
  • We can't judge our own ideas, we just try crazy stuff and see what works.

The best project

We like to live in the past and future but we should be living in the now. A lot of us dream about the future but the best project is the one that is now.

Use today to show your talent.

David Hieatt presents hiut denim co.
David Hieatt presents hiut denim co.