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Focusing on the detail

Search engine optimisation of

Search engine optimisation is a powerful tool that can be used at any stage of a websites life cycle, whether you look at the big picture or a specific goal you'll always find something to improve.

I recently decided to fix an issue with and thought I would write a quick article documenting the change.

Read more about

When I first launched I made the terrible decision to prefix most of my internal links with the words "read about". I knew this was a bad idea at the time but implemented it anyway, last week when I checked Google Webmaster Tools the impact of this mistake was made clear.

All of my internal links were prefixed with
All of my internal links were prefixed with "read about"
Google webmaster tools marked
Google webmaster tools marked "read" as the most significant word on my website.

According to Google "read" is now the most significant word on my website, not something I really wanted to happen.

This is also bad from a user experience perspective, research has shown that "Good Links are descriptive, unique, and start with keywords"

Luckily this type of problem is easy to fix and I would strongly recommend you think about creating more unique internal links for your own articles if you haven't already done so.

Targeted search engine optimisation

SEO is often thought of as a lot of work, creating big changes to get big results as we often forget about the little things we can do. I value every one of my visitors and often tweak article titles, links or wording to better suit people searching for the information I provide.

100 examples of favicons is one of my most popular articles so I wanted to do a little investigation into how people were arriving at the article. In turns out there are two common search phrases people type into Google:

Switching "Read about favicons" to "Favicon examples".
  1. favicon examples
  2. best favicons

My internal links however only said "Read about favicons" so a quick update was made.

Changing keywords

I also get a lot of traffic for people searching for the World War Z survival quiz, often web developers and marketers looking for further details so was I getting this right?

Switching "Read about the survival quiz" to "World War Z survival quiz".

The common phrase people search for is:

  1. Word War Z survival quiz

But again, I was using different words in my internal links so I made another change.


Search engine optimisation doesn't have to be a big process, often the tiny changes can make the biggest differences and I suggest you keep an eye on the keywords people are searching for and how they arrive on your website.

With less than 10 minutes work I have already raised the position of several of my popular articles on Google and have seen an increase in traffic.