The Web is all consuming

The Web is all consuming

The Web is all consuming presented by Keir Whitaker (@keirwhitaker) at The Web Is 2014. Keir discussed how we all compare ourselves to others, are continuously distracted by notifications and should start being better at less. Here's what I learned from his talk.

When we wake up we check our phones, throughout the day we are constantly distracted by notifications which never stop.

The web is growing

Over the past 25 years the web has continued to grow at an exponential rate. Whilst we used to open notepad and code instantly we now have to configure environments, run build scripts and tweak things for 10 minutes before we can start.


  • Basic text editors.
  • DHTML.
  • Start of Amazon.
  • The Internet came free on the front cover of magazines.
  • We were all webmasters.


  • Web standards.
  • The first UK web conference.
  • JavaScript became better and was suddenly less evil.
  • CSS started having better support.
  • Frameworks started to come out.
  • WordPress came out.
  • Web apps started to come out.


  • Responsive Web design.
  • Everything is JavaScript.
  • More conferences.
  • More frameworks.
  • Apps monitor apps which post to apps.
  • WordPress runs 23% of the web.

Times have changed

  • We have billion pound companies that make no money.
  • Everything is moving super fast.
  • There is pressure to keep up.
  • Everyone has an opinion on everything.
  • Screens are everywhere.
  • We all have countless projects.
  • We stop separating work and home life.

Imposter syndrome

  • We always feel we're not good enough.
  • We want more followers, more likes, but what do they mean?
  • How do we measure ourselves with others?

We compare our behind the scenes with everyone else's highlights, in reality most people are behind the curve. We have gotten a perception that those in the public eye do it perfectly, but they don't!

Life audits

  1. Work out life goals, what do we want to excel at?
  2. Try to explain what you do in a sentence that will fit on all social media networks.
  3. Reduce the noise.
    • Unfollow.
    • Unsubscribe.
    • Check emails less.
  4. Don't worry about saying no, you can afford to miss out.
  5. Every year discuss what was good and bad about it.

Every day write a list of 1 big thing, 3 medium things and some small things and do them, don't take on too much.

Be great at less!

Keir Whitaker presents the Web is all consuming.
Keir Whitaker presents the Web is all consuming.