The Web is everywhere

The Web is everywhere

The Web is everywhere presented by Anna Debenham (@anna_debenham) at The Web Is 2014. Anna discussed how we should be experiencing a variety of devices whilst testing our websites and not just the ones we think of. Here's what I learned from her talk.

So many devices

Console browsers make us think about all the different situations, they have unique interactions like dpads whilst gestures and voice are common place. There are many more devices we should be thinking about, such as:

  • Cameras.
  • Printers.
  • Watches.
  • Kids toys.
  • Many things are starting to have some sort of browser.

We only think about mobile, tablet and desktop but we shouldn't fall prey to the convenience of device silos.

  • 20% of 16-24 year olds use consoles to browse the web.
  • 37% of adults own a console.
  • Low income families are more likely to own a console than a PC.

Everyone should experience browsing a website with a game pad, a Wii controller and Xbox Kinnect type device.


Console browsers have been around since 1997 and they keep improving to a point where they are now considered a feature when new consoles are released.

  • A Wii has an 800px wide browser.
  • Consoles have low memory and websites are often much slower.
  • Xbox's can use a desktop or mobile interface.
  • Larger screens don't mean more room.
  • People sit further away from TVs and things need to be much bigger.
  • The PS Vita has a 3G option, it's a portable browser.
  • The Ps Vita is 960px wide but only 544px tall.
  • Wii U allows tilting controllers to scroll the page.
  • Xbox One uses voice and video for browsing.
  • Xbox One has snap mode allowing 2 windows open at once, perhaps a narrow game guide alongside the game.
  • Playstation 4 has a share button on the controller
  • All 3 current major consoles support gestures.

Microsoft has released recommendations for working with gestures.

A shared experience

TV Web browsing is a shared experience, multiple people may be viewing the screen at one time.

  • The Wii U created a presentation mode to allow the TV and controller to display different web content.
  • Vimeo has a couch mode to change the interface mode.
  • Future devices such as Amazon Fire TV and Steambox will probably have browsers.
  • In 2014 82% of smart TV owners used them to browse the web.

A list of game console browser scores for HTML 5, CSS 3 and Acid 3 tests.

Anna Debenham presents the Web is everywhere.
Anna Debenham presents the Web is everywhere.