The Web is knowledge

The Web is knowledge

The Web is knowledge presented by Chris Murphy (@fehler) at The Web Is 2014. Chris discussed how modern education systems are outdated and we need to teach more than just the raw skills required to achieve a good grade. Here's what I learned from his talk.

The power of education

There are different types of educators, some just teach whilst others push you to achieve your dreams.

Recommended reading

  • The Element by Ken Robinson.
  • Mastery by Robert Greene.
  • Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker.

What we do when we teach

We must teach people to see, to understand and to believe.

To see

The world is complicated, Chris demonstrated how at first glance we may see something differently to those who have seen it overtime. He demonstrated a small dot growing within a viewport until it filled the entire space, to us it is still a dot but to someone seeing it for the first time it's just a filled viewport.

To understand

It is important to look behind the field you are in, to have a lattice work of mental models. Taking a handful of ideas from different areas and understanding them allows us to solve our existing problems. Understanding Economics, behavioural science, interaction design, psychology and more can give you solutions others can not see.

The lollapalooza effect

Getting more than the some of the parts, 2 different people together can do more than they would do whilst separated.

To believe

People are filled with self doubt and we must make them believe, to build their minds with the belief that things are possible.

We can learn anything online but humans are messy and only other humans can teach us the surroundings. "It's easier this way" or "You're sounding rude, say it like this" can't be built into a machine.

Educators are designers

We used to learn from a master, someone we would pay to train us in a skill. This formed a 2 way relationship where both parties learned until the apprentice learned all that they could, they then moved on to a new master.

Educators design peoples minds and we have to teach the whole mind:

  • Manners.
  • Confidence.
  • Politeness.
  • Self belief.
  • ...and so on.

The classroom of the future

  • University is slow.
  • Changing the curriculum takes years.
  • It's an outdated approach.
  • We need to embrace change.
  • Does a degree really matter?
  • Short, bespoke quick courses teach more.

Education is a force to change.

Chris Murphy presents the Web is knowledge.
Chris Murphy presents the Web is knowledge.