The Web is made of links

The Web is made of links

The Web is made of links presented by Phil Hawksworth (@philhawksworth) at The Web Is 2014. Phil discussed the great web library, interconnecting documents accessible via the URI. Here's what I learned from his talk.

The web is an interconnected set of documents, a great library where you can take one or many whenever you want.

  • The web is for sharing and collaboration.
  • We can serve content from other places.
  • People don't ask for the URL, they ask for the link.

Building new accordances

We're establishing new user understanding, browsers such as Chrome are experimenting with how the URL is displayed. We're starting to hide fragmentation in an effort to reduce the noise and help with phishing.

The URL is the share button of the web so what is lost if we hide the details? Instead of getting people to understand the URL we ae hiding valuable information "to make it easier for them".

We're in danger of undermining our users.

Losing the web

  • The Tacobell website recently changed to a splash page asking you to download their app, there is no website any more.
  • The web is not an app store.
  • The web is not Facebook yet there is a generation of people introduced to the web through Facebook.
  • We are fighting for clicks

Google tried 41 shades of blue for their link colour before deciding on one, it has been stated the change in shade brings in $200,000,000 extra a year.

  • URL shortners are daisy chaining, Twitter, Facebook everything is shortening the URL.
  • We are changing what links are.
  • JavaScript is manipulating link functionality.

We must keep building in a progressive way, offering people additional functionality but maintaining the core functionality if those features are not used.

Phil Hawksworth presents the Web is made of links.
Phil Hawksworth presents the Web is made of links.