Hybrid Conf: What a wonderful world

Hybrid Conf: What a wonderful world

What a wonderful world presented by Cameron Moll (@cameronmoll) at HybridConf 2013. Cameron discussed relationships and demonstrated what a wonderful world we live in thanks to modern technology and explained the importance of changing the world. Here's what I learned from his talk.

Relationships are our greatest output, people matter the most.

  • We should care about the experience they get from the things we do, whether it's the direct product or as a result of our work.
  • Running a business is more than just revenue, it's about giving things back.
  • Never burn bridges, you will meet people again at conferences, future jobs or even as competitors in a new business venture.
  • If a colleague becomes the owner of a competing business you can still maintain a strong relationship.

Be sceptical of technology, respect what it is and what it is not.

  • Technology redefines everything that we do.
  • Technology is both good and bad.
  • Screens compete for our attention, look at people and focus your attention, don't just look at a screen.

Aspire, to change the world in a small but significant way.

  • We can all change the world in some way, you don't have to aim high.

Note. Cameron's talk consisted of many videos and stories which filled the room with both laughter and tears. It was extremely powerful and very difficult to express in written notes, when a video is released I strongly recommend finding it.

Cameron Moll presents what a wonderful world
Cameron Moll presents what a wonderful world.